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Please read all of the terms before you continue

By providing a sample we assume you are giving your informed consent to perform the tests you have requested.


We also take it as apparent that you are consenting to being contacted by the phone number and/or email you have provided in relation to your test request.


In the circumstances where this test was booked and paid for by a 3rd party, we also take as apparent that you are consenting to share the results of your test with that 3rd party also.


Please note that laboratory tests are for information purposes only and are never a substitute for seeing a doctor – particularly if you have any symptoms.

We provide your results to you only and you are entirely responsible for deciding what to do with those results and how best to manage your own health needs which may arise out of these results.


Laboratory tests must never be relied on to provide a diagnosis or start treatment without the advice of a doctor. It is your responsibility to follow up any of your results with an appropriate health professional.


Where results are shared, you are free to share your results with anyone that you choose but we will not send them to anyone else without your express permission in writing - except for the case outlined above, and where we are under a legally binding obligation to send the results to Public Health England.


While we always endeavour to meet the expected and advertised turnaround times, there can be no guarantee regarding turnaround time for results to be sent back to you.

We cannot be held responsible if your sample does not get to our laboratory or is delayed for any reason beyond our control.


Occasionally our laboratory is unable to test samples for reasons including an unsuitable sample being provided by you or problems with the testing apparatus within the laboratory. If this happens, we will get in touch by email or phone to give you the option of repeating the test.


Please email if you have any problems or have any questions.

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