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COVID Declaration 

Covid 19


Please complete your declaration before you arrive to work. 

As part of COVID safety management, the production have engaged in a risk assessment process, looking at possible control measures for specific tasks, travel and adopting current government guidance and requirements specific to COVID-19.

As a result, our COVID protocols will involve obtaining a health declaration for staff. This declaration seeks to confirm employees, or anyone in their household are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19 before they are permitted on site. 

About the Declaration

This declaration will outline key symptoms of COVID-19 and ask you to confirm you are not showing any of these, nor anyone in your household. In addition, if you are classed as a clinically extremely vulnerable person you should declare this in the relevant question. If you are unsure, please click here.

The declaration will also ask you to confirm that you agree to your details being submitted and held by this system. 

Your details are held securely for the purpose of the health declaration only. Your details will not be shared with any unauthorised person. To read more about how we process your data, or to view our data policy, please click here.


If you have any concerns, please discuss either your main contact directly or


To continue with the declaration, please select the button below. 

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