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Site Rules and Induction

Whilst working on site, you must adhere to the site rules which are designed to keep you, your staff and other people safe. The following induction will outline key controls and rules for Health and Safety as well as COVID specific requirements. 

You must read all of the sections. Once completed, you will be required to complete a declaration and sign on line to confirm you have read and understood the content. Accreditation will not be available to you until you have completed the declaration at the end. 

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Welcome - full text will be applied here from the site info

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Here are the key contacts 12345678910

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Do not use plant

This should be all qs really 

  • Test 1 2 3 

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Construction and derig must hap[pen here

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No smoking or hot works


Medical info here

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There is water available at XYZ

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Ini the event of an emergency - run

Code words include RUN FAST

Test 1 2 3

Hi there

Only use fire extinguishers provided if you are trained in their use and the fire is of a size that is able to be put out quickly by a single fire extinguisher. 


Never take any risks to your safety. 


Your priority is to raise the alarm and get safely out of the building, alerting others to leave with you.

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